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Kabbalah & Relationships

Unseen Forces Behind Relationships

How can Universal Kabbalah help humankind when it comes to relationships? Universal Kabbalah not only provides us with practical applications and meditations, it also reveals to us the science of planetary influences so that we may understand first our personal vibration, second our partner’s vibration, and third, the vibration of both people as a unit. In addition to primary planetary influences, there are planetary cycles that not only individuals go through, but that couples go through. Life on the physical plane is not always easy and the more knowledge you have about why you act in certain ways and why your partner may act in certain ways cultivates within you a reservoir of understanding and compassion about how to properly perceive yourself, your partner, and your relationship.

Attracting the Blessings of God

There are different ‘glues’ that hold relationships together. At the lowest level, relationships are comfortably sustained by physical intercourse. In the next level the relationship is held together by common interests, and at the third level both individuals have grown beyond both of these levels and need another element to move the relationship to the divine state—the level of soul mate.

This stage is ruled by the Law of Cohesion. Imagine two drops of water side by side; they form one drop. When the love between a woman and man centers upon spirituality, it attracts the blessings of God. This forms the relationship that can successfully overcome any challenge and survive indefinitely. Both partners receive love and healing energy from each other as all the aforementioned levels are merged into one. This kind of relationship is mental, spiritual and physical—what each of us strives to achieve.

In order to get to this state, the negative patterns of each individual must be positively identified and addressed. Universal Kabbalah lays out, via contemplation on our planetary influences, tendencies, and characteristics, the map that we need to guide ourselves and our relationships towards harmony. Once you have mastered the map, the path to success is yours forever.



Universal Kabbalah


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