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The Prayer of Love, Peace and Light

A simple, yet powerful way we can all help to make this world a better, happier, more spiritual place.

The time has come for us to turn our enemies into friends and our friends into angels. This takes a great deal of heart, prayers and forgiveness to achieve. In light of the recent world events in London, Egypt, the entire Middle East and all the troubled areas of the earth, we are re-releasing the article on the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light. This article is so deep that every time you read it you infuse your being with the healing vibrations of love, peace and light. This prayer is simple for anyone to do, and it is highly effective. Please share this prayer and article with others so that we may spread light around the world, giving peace and love to all to help harmonize the present world situation. Those who practice the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light daily become part of a legion of Invisible Helpers who transform the sorrow and suffering in this world of chaos, paving the way for compassion and brotherly love in even the darkest of circumstances. These are the ones who will hold the space for worldwide peace until the world has regained its balance.

The Prayer of Love, Peace and Light

Love before me
Love behind me
Love at my left
Love at my right
Love above me
Love below me
Love unto me
Love in my surroundings
Love to all
Love to the Universe

Peace before me
Peace behind me
Peace at my left
Peace at my right
Peace above me
Peace below me
Peace unto me
Peace in my surroundings
Peace to all
Peace to the Universe

Light before me
Light behind me
Light at my left
Light at my right
Light above me
Light below me
Light unto me
Light in my surroundings
Light to all
Light to the Universe

Let the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light be the balm that heals the earth's wounds. We must have compassion for man's distress, faith in his ultimate destiny and a burning desire to lead our fellows back to their spiritual source. Then they may restore the love, peace and light which they have forfeited since the fall of man. Now is the time for us to infuse the elixir of love, peace and light into all channels of the world; for it is up to us to bring it to new life again. Great power resides in prayer: every physical action has its everlasting moral effect, as it is transmitted upward through the intermediary layers of existence to the Soul itself. When we indulge in harmful or unnecessary speech, we fritter away our soul forces. However, when we recite the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light, we are transformed into earthly angels who can heal the world. The earth needs to feel life circulating subtly and secretly in her veins. She is ever ready to hear the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light from humankind, which supports her and sustains her as a barricade against the enemy, or lord of darkness. The earth seeks, in us, the living fire born from the divine spiritual wisdom, which burns the seed of darkness. Our prayers, and especially the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light, are the comfort and sustenance the earth thirsts for so that she may protect and succor us.

Each of us can help to make this world a better, happier, more spiritual place. Each of us can send good thoughts out into the universe, and strive to see the best in our fellow man. When we do so, our own spirituality is increased, and the positive energy we create is returned a hundred fold. One way to achieve this is by working with the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light. It is through love, peace and light that we will enter into full consciousness of the eternal and attune with the soul of the universe. You must become conscious of the many transformations that can be produced in the world thanks to your prayer of love, peace and light. Via this prayer, you send out harmonious waves that can inspire countless numbers of people to rid themselves of the darkness and confusion that engulfs them. Indeed, via the powerful, harmonious waves you emit, you send beneficial messages that are received by the wonderful beings that are prepared. Without even knowing where the impetus comes from, they make the resolution to work for peace, fraternity, and the propagation of light for the glory of God on the planet Earth. Then, wherever and whoever they may be, these beings become linked to you, for it is the design of heaven that all children of God be united for the coming of His kingdom on Earth. Know, then, that by the thoughts, feelings, and actions that arise from your prayer of love, peace and light, currents of powerful and luminous forces are sent throughout the world and up to the stars. Gradually, these currents encourage all human beings to transform their negativity and join us in living in love, peace and light.

Furthermore, through deliberate acts and words such as the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light, that are intentionally constructive, unencumbered by selfish or personal motives, we can set forces in motion that will powerfully act in the name of good for all mankind. Do not be fooled that the words and actions of one person are insignificant; they can and do contribute to changing the world. Like the ever-widening circles of ripples caused by throwing a stone into a clear pool, these words and actions rebalance our karmic account, canceling out previous debts and encouraging beneficial results for not only our karma, but worldwide karma. Again, we ask, why not participate in the construction of a better world for yourself and others through the use of this simple and powerful prayer? If every spiritual group, yoga class, and meditating and praying adult and child ended their spiritual work with the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light, the universe would be filled with harmony. In turn, this harmony would manifest the glory of God on Earth. Teach the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light to your friends, family, and even those you don't know, and see the powerful impact it has.

The spiritual plane is structured and organized in such a way that the mere thought of someone, or of a specific element, enables the sender of this thought to touch that person or thing directly. Knowledge of physical location is unnecessary when you are working on the spiritual and divine planes. All you need to do is concentrate the mind's energies strongly, and you will be led exactly where you want to go. For example, if you think about health, you have already arrived in its region. Why then, not think of love, peace and light in order to enter their regions?

The quality of your projection is determined by your mental vibration and your spoken words. Yes indeed, you can use this simple prayer of love, peace and light to raise your frequency, elevate others and heal the planet. By using this prayer, you are blessing with your words. Blessing is one of the most remarkable ways to uplift humanity. It is also a powerful step toward perfect attunement with the invisible. In reality, the higher powers are deeply moved by the qualities of love, peace and light. Therefore, you can use the verbum to surround yourself with their vibrations, so that you may be protected from unwanted influences. For light is the principle of perfection that brings grace and peace into the lives of those who invoke it.

Light is the spirit that comes from the sun (for further information on the healing benefits of the Sun and Light, refer to the book the Healing Fire of Heaven.) Love is the mother of light. Peace is her sister. Therefore, where there is light, love and peace are found. Moreover, when you pray with the trinity of love, peace and light, you are tapping into the principle of the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. This will fill your life with blessings. To attain a life of Grace, you need only to enflame yourself with the potent Prayer of Love, Peace and Light, and bless humanity. In this way, we may all regain our rightful place in the celestial hierarchy. In the face of adversity and misfortune, fears and insecurities, choose the path of love, peace and light. This will expand the self so that you are able to experience your vastness and emerge victorious.

The Prayer of Love, Peace and Light, is perhaps the most profound blessing you can use for yourself and others. It has been empowered in the collective psyche. As a result, reciting it will both nurture your psychic body and allow you to commune with the higher forces of nature in a selfless way. It can be done by itself or as a closure to your yoga and meditation sessions. Another way is to recite this prayer after your spiritual practice, to increase its potency.

Performing the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light every day will cause you to go to these beautiful, healing regions of the universe. Love is the highest healing vibration, peace is what the world so desperately needs, and light grants everything one could possibly need for fulfillment. Indeed, by sowing these seeds of love, peace and light, they will come back to you tenfold. This is the spiritual law of tenfold return. Follow the way of all true disciples of the sacred science. Dedicate a certain amount of time each day to use the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light to visit the realms of the invisible world. If you do so, you are sure to receive its gifts so that you may use them for your fulfillment.

If you can, spend a few minutes at intervals every day enveloping yourself with vibrations of love, peace and light. Gradually sense the energy of those words around you and extend it to the Universe. Love is the highest vibration available. It turns all misfortunes into delights. Love heals and appeals to the human soul. Love is the nature of life, peace is the outcome of life, light is the means by which life accomplishes its purpose, and the lack of it results in destruction. God is love, and He has created man out of His love.

Love is so much higher than what we think. Love is the only power with the ability to create. Indeed, love is the only power that has ever created, and will ever create. A life that has been purified by the fire of love is forever changed. Those who have been exalted by the fire of love become like magnets, attracting both the wise and the unwise. Even animals feel the power of their influence. Once an individual has been purified, burned in the fire of love, every soul and being, whether visible or invisible, is drawn to him.

There is another side to love, however, and that is selfishness. All who are selfish are guided by the power and knowledge that is the direct enemy of mankind. Dark entities are at work, keeping such individuals from the exaltation that comes from love's purifying fire. Pride makes one vulnerable to such darkness. It is the proud man, led by the dark lord, who becomes egoistical, selfish, and cold. In his presence everyone freezes. Those who do not provide their love with an opening become a burden to themselves and others. Their presence becomes disagreeable to their surroundings.

Words are exceedingly powerful. If we find or feel that we have spoken negatively of someone in a moment of anger, judgment, fear, hatred, pain, envy, jealousy, or rage we must counteract these dark energies with beams of love, peace and light. In so doing we will guard against the repercussions of thought karma that can occur when, as we walk the path of light, we become more responsible for our actions. Understand that when we act from a place of negativity, such as anger or jealousy, our intentions are unhealthy and negative. In this instance, under universal law, we are required to pay for the effect we have set in motion. In other words, we must pay karmically for the damage we have done. If, however, we make every effort to neutralize our dark words, we absolve ourselves from the karma they create. This action frees both the one who wields the word and the one who feels its sting. Therefore, may your prayer of love, peace and light go into the astral realm in order to neutralize, heal, transform, and undo all dark seeds planted in your name. May it mend any sorrows or ills that you have sown or caused in anger or fear. May it ensure that this energy, wasted through thoughtlessness and acts of emotion, are undone in God's name.

In addition, use the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light to surround any individual who you know is suffering from the dark, oppressive energies of those who may be unconsciously or ignorantly sending darkness to them via their words. Indeed, when you invoke the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light, you will be sending healing energy to those who you know are in need. It will reach both those who are closest to you as well as those places and situations in the world that need to heal in order to promote the furtherance of mankind's evolution on Earth.

You can't improve anyone without love. The Divine Source that some call God is a perfect example of unconditional love. By reciting the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light, the Divine allows you to also become a source of unconditional love, and a vessel from which pours forth the elixir that sets us free. Unfortunately, because many have never experienced unconditional love, it remains beyond their understanding. Mankind has great difficulty feeling or explaining that which they have not experienced first hand. Therefore, most of the love that exists in our world is conditional, dependent upon the reaction it produces, whether or not it is reciprocated, the joy and laughter it creates, and the consideration and concern it generates. Unconditional love, on the other hand, is connected to the higher part of our heart center. It has the power to bring about miracles and transformations; the power to recreate things and make whole what has been torn apart. It enables the past to be forgiven and the future to be created. Indeed, it is the force that washes each and every man and woman clean, absolving them of who and what they may have been and raising them in the eyes of the divine Source as perfect and loved. Unconditional love, then, is the ultimate power of redemption. When we call upon love to deliver it into our beings, it is the light that heals all darkness. Those who receive unconditional love blossom and bloom in its light, for it enables the recipient to become that which he or she was meant to be. Unconditional love is essential as the eternal, infinite, sustaining force in this universe, beyond mental understanding in its immensity, magnitude, and great force.

By working with the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light, you allow love to grow in your heart. A person cannot live without his heart, and the heart cannot exist without love. This is because God is love, and He dwells within the human heart. Man will understand this when he has come to know the real beauty of God. In turn, this knowledge will allow us to worship God in man.

For when you abide by the philosophy that God is love and He dwells within the human heart, you are always aware that with every thought and action, in every moment, you may be injuring or hurting the feelings of God. In other words, you understand that when you gossip, criticize, hate, or hurt your fellow man, you are in danger of breaking the shrine of God.

Conversely, when your heart is enlivened by love, and you honor the living God, the love that exists within the shrine of another's heart, you are able to release them from their dark ways. Indeed, however loveless and cold a person seems to be, however wicked and cruel, he still possesses love, though it remains hidden within the deep recesses of his heart. Wherever there is love, there is God. And the real cause of pain and suffering is the lack of life. Life is love. And love is God. And when we look at life today with all its material progress, something is lacking. And it is God. For God is the key to that unlimited store of love which is in the heart of man. Where God is lacking there is no love. What everyone needs, what the world needs, is God. All we need to get, all we need to gain, to bless our lives by harmony, by goodness, is God. God is the principal structure of all good. Therefore, we must keep in mind that in our heart lies the power to heal. Remember that the shrine of God is the heart of man. God is love, and He is found in the heart of man.

With the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light, you and the Divine become one. With this union you are boundless and limitless. In it you come to recognize that the Divine extends Its arms to you freely, asking for nothing in return for all that It gives. All the love, beauty, wisdom, grace, and light of the Divine are free for each and every child of the Divine living here on Earth. This recognition fills your heart with warmth and makes your mind crystal clear so that you understand that we are all interconnected. Let this beautiful prayer make you into a light unto the Divine that shines its rays down upon the Earth so that your vibrations of love, peace and light embrace each and every member of the human race. Allow it to make you a beacon that cares not for the crimes, nor saintly behavior of others, as the light of their souls, their divinity, causes all else to fade away.

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