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Meditation to Connect You with Your Guiding Spirit

The following "I Am Meditation" is designed to help you draw from the infinite source of power and strength within. It will open the doors of your heart and let the power of the Spirit flow in and through you.

By opening the heart, we gain access to our Holy Guardian Angel, characterized by a strong manifestation of intuition. This is the final resting place for the Shaktic power after its ascent, and it is the ideal to which mystics aspire. Therefore, meditations such as this one, are designed to prepare our minds, bodies, and consciousness for the liberation of the Divine and Sweet Fire buried deep inside us. By chanting the sacred mantra, "I Am that I Am," you are vibrating the very name of The Lord, God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Jacob, that He revealed to Moses. After the revelation, God then said, this is my Name forever, and thus I am to be remembered throughout all generations. Therefore, when you chant "I Am I Am", the name of God, God will start flowing through you. For the power of the name of God is such that whosoever pronounces it with the tongue will purify his or her entire being. As a result, the purified being becomes God, forever.

Chanting this mantra, then, connects you with Moses’ experience in the burning bush. It links you to The Divine Flame of Fire, which burst forth from the Holy ground on the Mountain of God. Moreover, chanting mantras such as "I Am that I Am" while maintaining a simultaneous mental connection with the Sun awakens powers heretofore unknown, and re-awakens those that are dormant by evoking the inner spiritual force, manifested as the Holy Flame of Divine Fire. We chant "I Am that I Am" to pierce to the core of truth and understand the nature of reality. "I Am that I Am" expresses the very origin of God. It will cause that immeasurable force of high spiritual vibration to infuse your being, while moving and shifting your life to the highest moral goal and self perfection.

Directions: Sit with a straight spine. Place your right hand on your knee in wisdom pose, (thumb and forefinger pressed together). Your left hand should be at the level of your heart, pointing towards the right with the palm flat and fingers straight. Your eyes should remain mostly closed, and should be focused on your left hand. As you begin, you want to keep your left hand six inches away from your chest. As you say the first I AM, however, you will want to move it about six inches closer. As you say the second I AM, the hand will then move back to the starting position. Keep repeating the sequence. Your chest is a great ocean of energy. When you chant I am, feel it in the depth of your soul. Do it slowly and put your self into it. The closer I AM means, I AM who I know myself to be, while the farther I AM means, I AM that which is greater than I know myself to be.

Comments: As you do the meditation, feel light energy enter your chest and heart, surrounding you with a field of bright light that takes your mind into an expansive peacefulness. With each I AM, feel the sun of healing, brilliant light rising in your heart and your entire body be filled with its illuminating radiance. Let all the worries of the day drop away as you circulate the sacred sound, I Am I Am. You are listening to the eternal ocean through it. Start with a few minutes each day, adding more as you progress and eventually working up to 11 minutes.

In addition to meditations, various mudras can be used to develop different aptitudes. By touching the thumb to the middle finger you start to develop discipline. Having the thumb touch the ring finger heightens nervous strength. Having the thumb touch the pinkie finger heightens communicative abilities.

Recommended Music: Sounds of the Ether, track 2




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