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Vibration and Resonance

Youth, vitality and radiance through sound resonance therapy.

According to the laws of physics everything in the universe, in it simplest form, is vibrating with life. The world’s ancient spiritual masters taught that energy healing is the most powerful form of healing because it affects the body at its most basic level, its vibratory state. Naam Yoga and sacred music is, in essence, resonance therapy which works with the principle of the laws of attraction. The law of attraction is based upon the idea that similar objects have a similar frequency. In nature we see a beautiful example in the bumble bee. When buzzing around a particular plant the bumble bee hits the note of C, which resonates with the plant’s opening mechanism to reveal the sweet nectar within. In medicine, kidney stones are destroyed through a laser therapy called lithotripsy. The laser is set at a resonance that is destabilizing to the stone, thus causing it to break up. According to yogic wisdom, screaming can create an imbalance in the pituitary gland not unlike the lithotripsy example above. Every organ, every molecule in the body has a particular resonance and the ancients were able to detect these in order to create appropriate healing and meditation techniques. The Seeds Sounds found on the Healing Fire CD are a masterful example of this principle. Each sound can be intoned at a specific pitch to resonate with a particular organ and/or gland. They are a powerful spiritual tool and when practiced regularly will ensure optimal hormone balance resulting in youth, vitality and radiance. Because sound vibration is the most basic component of everything that exists in the universe, sound therapy, which is the basis of Naam Yoga and sacred music, is the most effective. It works on the core of all imbalances.


Naam Yoga


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