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Breath and Rhythm

Achieving a healing breath rate.

Breath is one key to physical, emotional and mental health, and there is no energy more potent than word. Proper use of the breath during your mantra practice will help you successfully navigate the coming years. Our sacred music series is a unique collection of spiritual recordings that enable you to work efficiently with your breath. Many of the tracks on the Rootlight Sacred Music CD series call for you to use the breath in order to enhance the depth of the effects of the kundalini shakti mantras offered. Once your breathing pattern is regulated to four breaths per minute, your central brain will begin functioning more intensely. Those who work with the mantras on these CDs properly, will breathe at about two and half breaths per minute. The pineal gland and pituitary glands shift their relation to each other, making the effects of the outer and inner sound more potent. Thus, these powerful mantras are able to penetrate more deeply. As a result, you will become better able to synchronize and move into the Divine flow thereby more fully manifesting your intentions.

Many of our CDs contain instrumental tracks that are designed to serve as a guide during breathing exercises. For example, pumping the abdomen along to the healing rhythm recorded on the Mystical Ivory Coast track of the Heavenís Touch CD will stimulate detoxification. The rhythm of the Aim track on the Sounds of the Ether CD, is excellent for toning the heart. The breath pattern facilitated during chanting Long Eck Ong Kars from the first track of the Seal of Higher Destiny CD causes the entire body to be revitalized, cleansed and strengthened. Furthermore, the long and conscious inhalation and exhalation employed while chanting this particular mantra will increase your lung capacity. Over time you will find this simple practice has significantly improved how efficiently you breath, consequently keeping your blood at an optimally alkaline pH. Working with the mantra Wahe Guru from the Soul Trance CD will gently stimulate the 32nd meridian in the upper palate, resulting in a strong will, increased mental resilience and resourcefulness of character. For more examples, please refer to the books The Divine Doctor and the Healing Fire of Heaven.


Naam Yoga


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