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Cleaning the Subconscious Mind

Freedom through purity of thought.

The Rootlight Sacred Music CD Series was designed for the subconscious mind to act upon, not for intellectual understanding. All deeds are recorded in the subconscious mind. It is the subconscious mind that holds us back from becoming who we truly are, for it is the subconscious mind that has the power to block the positive and healing flow of energy from the spiritual body. Therefore, it is from the subconscious mind that we must free ourselves. Indeed, the only freedom we can consciously have is freedom from the subconscious mind and its influences. States such as depression, fear, and insecurity manifest in consciousness first. We are able to reach the highest consciousness in living when we habitually control our subconscious, refrain from relating to our seven negative karmic influences, and choose to relate to the blessing, infinite nature.

The mantras contained on Rootlight's Sacred Music CD series work because their powerful vibration bypasses our conscious mind (our intellect) and goes directly to our subconscious mind. There, it lodges and allows for powerful, positive, Divine suggestions to be continuously pumped into our subconscious mind. In turn, this releases the negative influences that bind us. The beauty of sacred words is that their effects linger in the subconscious mind and continue to work long after we have stopped chanting. In other words, mantra is hard at work, flushing out guilt complexes and irrational hang-ups whether we are driving, working out, at work, meditating, deeply relaxed, or asleep. They serve us for as long as it takes to clear out whatever negative thoughts, emotions, patterns, or habits are dragging us down and making us reluctant to face our Higher Self. The moment we relate to our soul, our mind becomes our servant. When the mind becomes our servant, the whole of nature automatically serves us.


Naam Yoga


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