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Mantra and Reflexology

A life of infinite possibilities.

Some of this music was created to stimulate powerful reflex points and meridians on the roof of the mouth and tongue. There are reflex points all around the mouth and 84 energy points inside the palate. When we speak, the tongue gently presses on these points, but in no specific order. Naam (sanskrit word for mantra) differs from regular speech in that it causes the tongue to repeatedly press on these points in a special sequence, which is similar to dialing a code on a touchpad. The result is an activation of specific energy channels or meridians in the body, which in turn produces the results embedded in the Naam. For example, by repeating or chanting Ra Ma Da Sa, a Naam designated for healing, we cause the hypothalamus, which sits above the upper palate, to be put into a healing vibratory state. This in turn causes all the homeostatic functions of the body to become balanced, including blood pressure, heart rate, breath and temperature. Chanting the mantra Har from the Invocation of Divine Light CD, causes the tip of the tongue to hit the front of the upper palate stimulating the frontal lobe, which controls our personality. This in turn activates our intuitional intelligence and stops impulsive behavior. To take this a step further, we can look at an individual who endeavors to gain success in their career but lacks the auspicious qualities of discipline, creativity, intelligence, cleverness and communication that would enhance their ability to excel in their chosen profession. Those who wish to develop or augment the abovementioned skills can work with the Green House CD. These sound vibrations help develop personal confidence and convert anxiety and fear into determination, while helping you achieve a productive and fulfilling life. Good business sense is not luck, but rather a mindset. Confidence, courage, a positive mental attitude and all the other qualities that shape a successful life can be planted and nurtured, allowing your personality to truly blossom. Your life, in turn, is transformed into a worthwhile design for living. In essence, it doesnít matter what mental, emotional or physical state you currently find yourself in - you can change it. Knowing the correct code, or mantra, can cause anyone to affect extraordinary changes in his/her body and life. The Divine spiritual Wisdom is available to you in its entirety to help you take charge of your life and achieve your highest, most Divine destiny. Remember, however, that lasting success cannot exist without service and selflessness for we are all created in the image of God and God, like the sun, continuously shines His light onto all.


Naam Yoga


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