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The Benefits of Sacred Music

A wondrous process of growth and transformation.

As you work with the CDs in the Rootlight series, you will begin to notice signs of change. While for some change is immediate, for most it is subtle at first. As weeks pass, the signs of change will become more noticeable. You, along with family and friends, will recognize that something has shifted and that your daily life has improved. You have gained more internal light, and it is giving your aura a glowing radiance. You have become friendlier, more lovable, and nicer to be around. You have begun to accept and love those around you, even those who used to upset you. Everyday problems appear less daunting because you are more relaxed, more at ease with the world around you, and more confident about what the future holds. This is not to say that external circumstances will suddenly become perfect. You may still encounter some trying days and situations. However, the manner in which you now approach and deal with these difficulties has been altered. With the Rootlight Sacred Music CD Series, you have learned to manage problems that arise with grace. Our sacred music works for all, regardless of religion, race, creed or gender.

Working with the Rootlight Sacred Music Series is an ongoing process during which you will gradually feel positive, desirable changes occur. These changes bring you ever closer to your inner wisdom. As your inner wisdom is strengthened and followed, the various parts of your mind come to function harmoniously so that you become a contented individual, able to move through life with the greater confidence and understanding that grants the ability to accomplish goals. Over time, you will become the person you've always wanted to be, for with the release of your negative karmic influences, internal darkness moves aside so the light can shine through. It is this light that allows your heart to open fully and God to come through, directing you so that His will can be made manifest.


Naam Yoga


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