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Sound and Spirituality

Turning mystery into mastery.

The deeper you explore the mysteries of life, the more you will find that its whole secret is hidden in words. Everything comes from words. That is why St. John revealed that "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God...," No one can deny the miraculous cures obtained by prayers, chanting, listening to sacred music and other forms of sound therapy. The real power of words has been known to yogis, Kabbalists and mystics down through the ages. All spiritual practices are based upon the science of the word or sound. It is by sound, in sound and through sound that all things, seen and unseen, have been created. Sound is the highest principle in spirituality because it has the ability to completely heal and revitalize the autonomic nervous system. Sound allows us to merge with our soul, our limitless supply of energy and healing, our totality. By working with sacred music you can easily tap into the pure and unmatched healing power of sound and establish a direct connection with your soul.


Naam Yoga


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